Saturday, June 28, 2008


As you may have heard, I have been quite the party animal. First, I had a delightful shower thrown by mom's work colleagues in Lake Oswego; then, I had another shower thrown by Grandma Mary and Aunt Cinda out in Gladstone.

Well, the down low is that I had a great time (mostly dreaming) and so did mom, but mostly I received lots of wonderful presents. And, so, I present to you, the Rosalind Fashion parade.

Week 7: Here are the clothes I plan on wearing for week 7 of my life. Yes, I am adorable, and I love snails and cute spaghetti straps.

Week 8: This week, I thought I'd go with a bit more sesame street, a jungle theme, and the ever popular 'I love mommy'.

Week 9: Of course, I am naturally chic, I adore hearts, and stripes are so slimming.

Week 10: I have a feeling I will love animals, especially giraffes, and who could argue that I am sweet as cherry pie.

Week 11: Now, I don't know how you are, but I am a girl and girls love pink. So, lots of pink this week. Yum!

Week 12 (almost 3 months!): Time to mix it up. Lots of green, plenty of sheep, frogs, and, of course, teddy bears.

Week 13: This week, I am going for broke. A princess onesie from France (brought back by the intrepid Rachel Burdon), a 'I will not be pacified' onesie from the John A. Hartford Foundation staff, and, of course, 'I make my own sound effects', with a nod to my percussionist mother. I am so ready to be three months old!

I am just getting started :) - hopefully my local paparazzi will actually take pictures with me in the clothes, since I am quite the celebrity. Ah, the sad life of the arriviste.

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