Tuesday, July 1, 2008

learn me how to remember any extraordinary pleasure

What have I been up to lately?

We went to the beach on Sunday, and I slept in a tavern. Excellent. My first view of the ocean was slightly obstructed by the carrier but the sounds of the waves were quite soothing. We saw a classic surf dog who guarded his owner's surfboard.

I have developed a fascination with the mobiles. I successfully grabbed a mobile today. Honestly, I have a preference for the lamb that floats by. Mom thinks that it is because she is cute and dad thinks it is because she is delicious. I keep my secrets.

I also like pictures with sharp, black and white patterns. One of them looks like a completely stoned jellyfish. Dad thinks that would be a good band name: the jellyfish stoners.

My smiling hasn't changed much. I still feed frequently during the night.

Mom and I had lots of one-on-one time when dad was on a trip. I kept her hopping.


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