Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wedding is great Juno's crown:

O blessed bond of board and bed!
As you like it, Act V, Scene III

(note to avid readers: dad says this post is quite well-intentioned but gets a bit mawkish. Sentimentalists, gather your tissues while you may. You have been duly notified.)

O yes: I took an aeroplane down to see my cousin Sarah get married. My very first plane flight for an important event. I certainly seemed to be warming to the idea of traveling, posing for charming shots at the slightest provocation.
But I have humility enough to admit, despite my irresistible cuteness, that I was not the star of the event - not even close! The groom, Chris, shone amongst his many groomsmen.
And the bride, Sarah, shone most of all. Here she is walking down the aisle with her dad, my Great-uncle Kevin.
I got see and meet lots of my extended family on the Kramer side. Before the grassy ceremony, the couple were married in the church. We took up a lot of pews. Here is my Aunt Olivia, Uncle Doug, and cousins Gannon and Kellen (also, in the picture but not facing are cousin Alexis and Dave).

Here is a picture featuring my feet (?), mom, Grandma Mary, and Great-Great Aunt and Uncle Nancy and Fran.

Everything was beautiful, especially at Tom's house, where the reception was held.

Mom tells me I am going to go somewhere else new next week: day care! We visited it and it seems like a great place; I am going to make lots of new friends.

My very best wishes to the happily married couple!

Love, Rosalind

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