Saturday, September 27, 2008


Things have been going great for Rosalind over the last few weeks. She is really trying hard to roll over, twisting her trunk and moving her legs over but is in no hurry to actually plop herself over. 'What is my motivation?' she keeps asking me. To be honest, I am not sure either. She has strong legs and does a pretty good imitation of the walk John Travolta perfected in Staying Alive. Nice.

Rosalind discovered a new way to get the cats very excited. Learning how to use one's vocal cords seems to be a process of innovation and elimination. So, she moved from grunts, coos, ahhs, and similar sounds to a high pitched, loud eee sound that is remarkably similar to two cats fighting. Not the hissing, but more the screeching you hear. She modulates the sounds, so it seems like she is still trying to communicate a series of ideas to us. The cats understand perfectly and coming running into the room to either observe the fight or (hopefully, I think) to join in. It is nice to keep Maya and Chasca on their toes.

Mom is very supportive, but Dad wants to encourage her to try volume reduction as the next learning step.

Rosalind also had her immunizations on the 19th. Gabby and I think they doubled since we were kids, at least the 4 month ones. We are grateful, in advance, for the rotavirus vaccine but the side effects are perilously close to an episode of the disease. The medical assistant who delivered the shots also had a remarkable technique - 4 shots in less than 30 seconds. Don't get your hand in the way.

Hope all of you out there are doing great.

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