Saturday, August 23, 2008

50 things we are excited to do with Rosalind

A list of experiences we'd like to have with Rosalind ... some fun, some sweet, but mostly ones that we think about now, as she is an infant and just learning about the world, that we look forward to. Although there is no predicting the future, just the exercise of thinking about all the possibilities was exciting and rewarding. Lots of love to our little daughter.

1. Go to a broadway musical.
2. Learn something at a European museum.
3. Be caught speechless by the beauty of something we see.
4. Explore a cave.
5. Hike a mountain.
6. Have her read me a book.
7. Watch her play a team sport - and have fun!
8. Go for a run.
9. Have a morning drink and croissant at a sidewalk cafe.
10. Stand in a waterfall.
11. See her execute a time-based skill (e.g., a sport or performance) flawlessly.
12. Share a moment where we are proud of each other.
13. Be scared at a movie.
14. Sing in harmony.
15. Take her for a jog.
16. Attend a graduation.
17. Have a heart-to-heart about relationships.
18. Go to space.
19. Have her comfort us.
20. Walk side-by-side.
21. Do a math problem together - as a race.
22. ... lose.
23. Eat vegetables we planted.
24. Be excited out of our minds about a trip we are about to take.
25. Chase a butterfly.
26. Help her achieve her dreams.
27. Hold hands.
28. Be somewhere we can't hear each other talk due to nature's fury.
29. Smell a wonderful rose.
30. Be patient with each other.
31. Watch "As You Like It" by the Royal Shakespeare Company
32. See an Ibsen, a Mamet, a Pinter, a Miller, a Chekhov, and a Stoppard play.
33. Go to a happy hour.
34. Discuss a literary classic.
35. Make fun of our own pretention.
36. Eat popcorn.
37. Laugh.
38. Dance.
39. Spend a morning smiling at strangers.
40. Not give up.
41. Go to the zoo.
42. Go to the aquarium.
43. Swim and dive in the pool.
44. Snorkel.
45. Be inspired and moved by classical music performance.
46. Stuff ourselves with fresh fruit that's still warm.
47. Pick out a dress for a special occasion.
48. Get lost in the stars overhead.
49. Plan a vacation.
50. Seventh inning stretch.

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