Sunday, August 3, 2008

The little strength that I have, I would it were with you.

As you like it, Act I, Scene 2

With my first journey to the wedding, I was reminded of all the friends and family I am lucky to have. Here are but a few of them (you can see many more in this post and this one):

First, my mom at the rose garden.

Then, Mom, Dad, and Grandma Mary in June ...

My first cousin Gannon (having lots and lots of fun at disneyland, I am green)

and his brother Kellen!

Now it gets fun ... my first cousin, once removed, Elizabeth, Grandma Mary and my mom at first cousin (once removed) Sarah's wedding:

A group photo with Uncle Doug, Grandma Mary, mom, dad, and first cousins once removed Chris and Elizabeth ...

and finally, with great aplomb, my slightly older and very cute second cousin Maggie (with Grandma Mary):

Hooray for fun relatives and big parties!

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